LowLine: An Underground Park on NYC’s Lower East Side on Kickstarter

What is the LowLine?

We want to transform transform an abandoned trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of Manhattan into the world’s first underground park.  It will be a new kind of public space, using solar technology for natural illumination, and cutting edge design to capture and highlight a very special industrial space.

What we need to do next

Now we need to build a full-scale installation— a “mini LowLine”— so people can see this with their own eyes.  And we need $100,000 to build it.  This tech demo will be an invaluable tool in helping convince our community, potential funders, the City, and the MTA that this idea can work. It will also help us refine the technology so we get it perfect once it’s time to build the real thing. We’re planning on installing the mockup in the Essex Street Market, an indoor public space in our neighborhood.

In addition to raising this money, we’re also beginning the feasibility study that will help build the economic case for the park, and will put us on even better footing with the MTA, the City, and our neighbors. We’re also busy doing outreach to business owners and residents to find out what our neighbors would like to see in this new space.

We hope you’ll support our effort to build a new kind of park.


Interesting - underground park proposal for the lower east side in NYC.